About the Quakertown Blazers

In 1984 Clyde Smoll Jr. petitioned the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League to move the defunct Allentown Wings franchise to Quakertown, permission was granted on the condition that lights would be erected at Memorial Park Stadium within one year. Borough council supported the idea, advanced money to cover the costs, and the Quakertown Stadium Athletic Association (QSAA) was formed on June 3, 1985. The lights made night baseball possible that summer, and in 1988, the system was upgraded to Class A baseball standards for the USA Olympic/ACBL All Star Game. That memorable event drew a record-breaking crowd close to 5,000 fans and the paid attendance of 4,044 made a significant contribution toward the cost of approximately $80,000 for the lights.

The QSAA is composed of one member of the Quakertown Borough Council and one member from each team that uses the field: American Legion, Junior Legion, Connie Mack, and the Quakertown Blazers. In addition, the field is used for Legion Playoffs and occasional high school district games as well as college playoffs.

The sale and renewal rentals of fence signs provide the major source of QSAA's funding, a percentage of which is held in account by Borough Council for field improvements. Between 1985 and 1998, $127,728 was spent for improvements to Quakertown Memorial Park Stadium, including lights, an outfield warning track, built-up infield, a sprinkler system, two 40 foot long dugouts, a new public address system, and a new backstop screen to name a few A summer employee for field maintenance and hundreds of volunteer hours insure an attractive and safe playing field, the envy of many visitors.

An aerial view of historic Quakertown Memorial Stadium
An aerial view of historic Quakertown Memorial Stadium

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2019 ACBL Standings

Wolff Division
Kaiser Division
North Jersey211600.568
New York171400.548
Ocean Ospreys181700.514
Ocean Gulls92210.297
2019 Blazers Schedule
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06/01Jersey L 4-31:00 PM
06/01Jersey L 9-33:00 PM
06/03@Allentown L 10-27:00 PM
06/04Trenton W 10-37:00 PM
06/06@Allentown W 1-07:00 PM
06/08@Ocean Gulls W 7-411:00 AM
06/08@Ocean Gulls L 3-21:00 PM
06/09@Jersey W 14-71:00 PM
06/09@Jersey L 3-23:00 PM
06/15@New York L 8-11:00 PM
06/15@New York W 7-33:00 PM
06/16Ocean Gulls W 13-51:00 PM
06/23New York W 8-11:00 PM
06/23New York W 6-53:00 PM
06/26@Trenton L 5-27:00 PM
06/27@Allentown W 15-107:00 PM
06/29@North Jersey W 2-112:00 PM
06/29@North Jersey L 7-52:00 PM
06/30Ocean Osprey W 7-21:00 PM
06/30Ocean Osprey L 4-33:00 PM
07/04Allentown L 15-46:00 PM
07/07Trenton W 1-01:00 PM
07/07Trenton W 5-13:00 PM
07/10@Trenton L 3-07:00 PM
07/13 11:00 AM
07/13@Ocean Osprey L 6-512:00 PM
07/13@Ocean Osprey W 5-32:30 PM
07/14@Trenton L 4-31:00 PM
07/14Trenton L 2-13:30 PM
07/21North Jersey W 8-31:00 PM
07/21North Jersey L 10-33:00 PM
07/24@Trenton W 7-67:00 PM
07/25Jersey W 5-25:30 PM
07/25Jersey L 4-37:30 PM
07/27Allentown L 11-91:00 PM
07/28@Jersey L 6-11:00 PM
07/28@Jersey L 8-13:00 PM
07/29@Allentown L 10-07:00 PM
07/30Allentown L 5-45:30 PM
07/30Allentown L 7-17:00 PM
08/02@Trenton L 4-37:00 PM