Host Families

The players we bring in are located throughout the East Coast and we are always looking for families to host our out of town players.

Host families provide a safe and comfortable family environment. These young men will provide a positive influence in our community and in your home. If you would like to learn more about being a host family, please contact us today at or use our online contact form by clicking here.

Thank you for your interest,
Blazers Staff

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06/02Jersey W 3-01:00 PM
06/02Jersey L 3-23:00 PM
06/05Allentown W 4-17:00 PM
06/09@Ocean W 1-011:30 AM
06/09@Ocean L 4-21:30 PM
06/12@Allentown L 7-57:00 PM
06/16@North Jersey L 3-012:00 PM
06/16@North Jersey L 3-22:00 PM
06/17North Jersey W 8-71:00 PM
06/17North Jersey L 14-133:00 PM
06/19Trenton L 3-17:00 PM
06/21Allentown L 13-47:00 PM
06/24Ocean W 11-61:00 PM
06/24Ocean W 10-03:00 PM
06/26@Allentown W 9-57:00 PM
06/30@North Jersey L 5-412:00 PM
06/30@North Jersey W 12-12:00 PM
07/01@Jersey L 10-21:00 PM
07/01@Jersey L 5-43:00 PM
07/04Allentown L 5-21:00 PM
07/07Jersey W 3-21:00 PM
07/07Jersey W 7-23:00 PM
07/08Ocean W 3-21:00 PM
07/08Ocean W 9-43:00 PM
07/10Trenton L 12-107:00 PM
07/12@Allentown W 6-57:00 PM
07/18Trenton W 4-15:00 PM
07/18Trenton W 8-27:00 PM
07/19Allentown L 14-47:00 PM
07/21@Ocean L 2-011:30 AM
07/21@Ocean L 2-11:30 PM
07/22 @ Trenton (PPD)2:00 PM
07/22 @ Trenton (PPD)4:00 PM
07/24 @ Allentown (PPD)7:00 PM
07/27 @ Jersey (PPD)3:00 PM
07/27 @ Jersey (PPD)5:00 PM
07/29North Jersey L 8-41:00 PM
07/29North Jersey L 5-43:00 PM
07/30@Trenton W 5-35:00 PM
07/30@Trenton L 1-07:00 PM
08/05@Allentown W 5-23:00 PM
08/05Allentown W 6-45:30 PM
08/06@Jersey W 7-22:00 PM
08/06Jersey W 6-25:00 PM