2008 Blazers Front Office

Todd Zartman, General Manager/Treasurer
Todd Zartman, General Manager/Treasurer Primary Phone: (215) 258-1175
Secondary Phone:

Todd has been part of the Blazers’ organization since 1991. He has held many different positions and duties with the organization. He helped the Blazer organization with game day operations and off the field duties before becoming the General Manager in 2000. He was the assistant to the General Manager under GM Bob Roth and then GM Steve Shelly. Todd played for Coach Dennis Robison’s 1987 PA State Championship baseball team.
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06/02Jersey W 3-01:00 PM
06/02Jersey L 3-23:00 PM
06/05Allentown W 4-17:00 PM
06/09@Ocean W 1-011:30 AM
06/09@Ocean L 4-21:30 PM
06/12@Allentown L 7-57:00 PM
06/16@North Jersey L 3-012:00 PM
06/16@North Jersey L 3-22:00 PM
06/17North Jersey W 8-71:00 PM
06/17North Jersey L 14-133:00 PM
06/19Trenton L 3-17:00 PM
06/21Allentown L 13-47:00 PM
06/24Ocean W 11-61:00 PM
06/24Ocean W 10-03:00 PM
06/26@Allentown W 9-57:00 PM
06/30@North Jersey L 5-412:00 PM
06/30@North Jersey W 12-12:00 PM
07/01@Jersey L 10-21:00 PM
07/01@Jersey L 5-43:00 PM
07/04Allentown L 5-21:00 PM
07/07Jersey W 3-21:00 PM
07/07Jersey W 7-23:00 PM
07/08Ocean W 3-21:00 PM
07/08Ocean W 9-43:00 PM
07/10Trenton L 12-107:00 PM
07/12@Allentown W 6-57:00 PM
07/18Trenton W 4-15:00 PM
07/18Trenton W 8-27:00 PM
07/19Allentown L 14-47:00 PM
07/21@Ocean L 2-011:30 AM
07/21@Ocean L 2-11:30 PM
07/22 @ Trenton (PPD)2:00 PM
07/22 @ Trenton (PPD)4:00 PM
07/24 @ Allentown (PPD)7:00 PM
07/27 @ Jersey (PPD)3:00 PM
07/27 @ Jersey (PPD)5:00 PM
07/29North Jersey L 8-41:00 PM
07/29North Jersey L 5-43:00 PM
07/30@Trenton W 5-35:00 PM
07/30@Trenton L 1-07:00 PM
08/05@Allentown W 5-23:00 PM
08/05Allentown W 6-45:30 PM
08/06@Jersey W 7-22:00 PM
08/06Jersey W 6-25:00 PM